Happy Birthday

A bird was flying past a prairie
When he spotted a little berry

This bird loves berries very much
He would try to get it with some luck

But a dog spotted it too
And his greed for a berry grew

When the bird saw the dog and the dog the bird
They made growls and groans that have been never heard

Suddenly they both start a fight
Behind a tree I was watching the sight

While they were fighting I took the chance
(And this was really a big advance)

I took the berry and gave it to
The person that I love

which is ……you!

The Sun and the Moon

The sun is shining in the sky
But the moon gives a sigh

He can’t light up the day
For the sun is in the way

But at night the moon shines bright
And the sun is out of sight

He was sleeping in his bed
And wasn’t angry to be said

That the moon is shining bright
In the black and gloomy night


dogs dig dirty dirt
they dirty down all the shirts
cats claw crunchy cakes
don’t take cats for heaven´s sake!

birds build big bags
don’t take birds those old hags
hamsters hate horrible hairdos
they will chew up all your shoes!!

toucans touch tall trees
toucans cost a lot of fee
frogs fake funny fools
frogs are very dangerous tools

lions like licking lollipops
he will eat you up like this – chop! chop!
so what animal now do you want
because this thought can really haunt…ME!!!Yay!!!!

an ol’ and weak adult so what’d you say?”
it’s all my fault? it was my idea?
ooh sorry pray!


A Dog

A dog was walking down the street
Who was looking for some meat

He was a very hungry fellow
And now he was about to bellow

Right then before he barked away
He smelled something a block away

He ran right after the wonderful smell
Smell of roasted beef and caramel

And when he came to the right place
He thought: Oh hammer harmful grace!!!

Cause where he stood was a butcher shop
And of course the door was locked