My School

In my school the teachers chew bubble gum
And all children teach spelling and math
Kids think recess is no fun
And kids are called Mr. Teb or Ms. Cath

In our school the staff is kind
The Cook cooks wondrous meals
The nurse is not so mean and grind
You know how good it feels?

I feel good and amazed
About what happened today
Inside of me is a little blaze
‘Cause today is opposite day!

Easter eggs

For Easter…

A fishy gets an oyster egg
A foxy gets a seagull’s

A wolfy gets an easter leg
And there are grass eggs for the bulls

But only children get a chocolate one
So let’s hope that Easter will be fun, fun, FUN!
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Christmas eve

It’s Christmas eve and I am excited
Because of a thief I’m so alighted

He stole the tree
He stole the presents

He didn’t steal me
But my cousins


Some are lazy
Some are old

Some are crazy
Some are bald

But they all are just the same
‘Cause all like to play the same old game

Of making poor children write 4 thousand pages
About the life in tiny cages

And you can probably guess who they are, these creatures
They are terrible, horrible, not agreeable, nasty, teachers!
(But, they still can be nice too)

Complaining planets

Pluto says,” I’m too small!”
Jupiter says,” I’m too tall!”

Neptune says,” I’m so cold!”
Mars then says, “Think I’m bald?!”

Saturn says,” I hate my rings!”
Earth then says,” I hate my nature things!”

Mercury says,” I’m so hot I could die!”
Venus says, “So could I!”

“Stop complaining!” Uranus said,
“Let’s all just relax go to bed!”


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