Valentine’s Day is near
I’m totally filled with fear
Cause the risk on that day
Is that I’ll have a kiss on my face
And rather than that I’d drink beer

It’s Valentine’s Day today
And there is nothing else left to say
Than: I’m scared to death
I can’t take one breath
I’d rather eat a lunch tray

Now is Valentine’s time
And nothing of this is a lie:
I’d rather eat a sofa seat
Than be part of Valentine
Because Valentine is horrifying!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, this is great!

  2. Hallo Angelica,

    Thanks for your comment-:) you make my day.
    Keep up writing. I will check out your blog too…. I promise. School started this week and I was kind of bussy.


  3. It does have its humorous moments. You might want to divide up the stanzas though for easier reading.

    Thanks for sharing this with PWB for Valentine’s Day. Keep up the good work with growing your craft.

  4. You might like to visit this site.

    It has funny poems for kids.

  5. Thanks Sara,

    For your comments. My dad fixed it 🙂
    I had problems with the editor. I have to learn a lot more and I will change the blog over time and make it nicer. But I am very happy with my blog it is growing fast and I had over 400 visits today.
    Thanks for the link I will check it out. I will read more learn and write.

    Ciao, Milou

    P.S. I have today commented on the poets who are listed under Recently Updated this week!

    Keep up the great work with PWB

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