Happy Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day Poem by Milou

Kind and warm hearted
That’s what she is
It’s time to get started
And give that Missus…

An exciting, cozy, and extremely happy
Or mysterious, curious, funny and snappy
Or maybe even weird and crazy
(But it also could be cloudy and hazy)
Mother’s day, with all our love
And make her be the queen above

But if you forget to do it on time
Then your last minute will probably chime
And you’d go running out like a hare
Being chased by a humongous, vile brown bear
So evade the danger, screaming and unpleasant
And give her a party and some mother’s day presents

(But don’t tell her or anyone ‘bout
What I’ve said or they’ll hit my snout!
So keep quiet, and say
“This is what you do on Mother’s day!”)


  1. wow! beautiful…:) lol! hopefully i won’t forget 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

    Ser Mãe é algo tão magnífico, grandioso,

    Que foge à simples interpretação humana

    Precisaria eu me elevar a um plano superior

    Para poder vislumbrar tamanha forma de amor”

    trecho do Poema Mãe – Valter Montani


  3. Very nice. Wonderfull!

  4. Beautiful. Congratulations!

  5. I like your blog!

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