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The Time of My Life Lyrics – American Idol – David Cook Winner’s Song 2008 – free download

David Cook - The Time of My LifeHere: The Time Of My Life Lyrics – American Idol David Cook Winner’s Song 2008 and a great collection of all other lyrics and free mp3 songs.

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David Cook – The Time of My Life (download mp3 on my Fan Page)

David Cook – The Time of My Life( go to more download links)
David Cook – Hello

David Cook – Always Be My Baby

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Time Of My Life – American Idol

No matter who and where you are
You can always follow your dreaming star
And don’t listen to others thoughts ‘n’ founds
What you think is the thing that counts

If you feel like being a hip hop singer
Even though you’re basketball flinger
Have fun while you play
And sing still today
Do it with fun and don’t linger

David Cook American Idol Final 2008 free download mp3

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Nothing to see – Limerick by Milou

A picture that always fascinates me
Is one by my friend Anna Blankmoúry
I always stop and stare
At the picture so rare
Even though there’s nothing to see

The long vacation – School limerick by Milou

A kid in school never got education
Since he was always on “vacation”
He’d navigate on ships and boats
And even ride on Billy Goats
Waiting for the action of his homework’s “evaporation”

How to write a Limerick? Find out on Giggle Poetry by Bruce Lansky

A LIFE PASS BY – by Milou

In school we learn about addition
Along with subtraction and division
We learn about animals in extinction
As well as people with affliction

At university, you learn a profession
And often life is a big depression
Struggling through you continue your life
You get a villa, a car, and maybe a wife

I should probably, be through all that
And have a job, a house, and a Siamese cat
But since I never did what they told me
I sadly still am left in pre…..