The Time of My Life Free Lyrics+MP3 American Idol David Cook

Download The Time of Your Life “mp3 and lyrics” for free. Watch the latest videos: American Idol – David Cook. Poem about American Idol by Milou

New updated 05.06. – Eleanor Rigby live updated! NewDavid Cook – The Truth – acoustic mp3 and lyrics. ALL American Idol 7 “live” mp3s” and David Cook with ZZ Top mp3! and lyrics – Sharp Dressed Man. “The World I Know” mp3 on Access Hollywood and lyrics. I will update more songs and lyrics later….have fun and take care, CU Milou 8)

Hello all,
welcome to my blog. I am Milou and very interested in writing and music and a big David Cook fan. I share my great collection of mp3 songs and American Idol lyrics. You will find more about David Cook on my new Fan Page. I will update my David Cook Site with more mp3 songs, lyrics and videos continuously , please check back later.

Here my David Cook Fan Site

Check out my new David Cook video collection here on my blog on the right or on Vodpod:

David Cook – Video Collection

I try to collect the best David Cook videos around. There are many more to come….:-)

David Cook Best Video Collection now over 60 videos:
These following videos are available:
David Cook and David Archuleta — guests on Larry King Live
American Idol videos Top 24 to Top 1
American Idol 2008 finale
David Cook videos – David Letterman
David Cook video – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
David Cook with his old band Axium and Midwest Kings

and many more…


  1. Hello man,
    I really like your blog,I found it on and just wandering if you want to make link exchange.My blog is on 19 place and I hope is gowing up:).
    Thanks a lot! And hope you reply.

  2. Hi thanks for asking,

    yes I like to exchange links. I put you on my blogroll.
    Please link back.

    Have a great day,

  3. David c0ok . . .
    You’rE my id0l

  4. hi.
    this’s da great blog!
    i know bout david cook more n more.
    thx for mp3 n lyrics.
    i love him.


  5. thanks for lyrics))

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