The Snake by Milou

I made some poetry podcasts – for kids. Listen to my poem “the snake”.  Check out my other poems and podcast as well. I like your feedback.:-) Thanks, Milou

Podcast The Snake :

Its scales reflect the evilness
Black, empty eyes do not confess
Its hiss is ironing my foot
I can’t move, I stuck, like a root
This snake that I’m describing now
Is slithering to me, and makes me frown
This time I know it, my death is near
And down my spine go goose bumps of fear
But when I look a bit closer at it
I note, it’s actually a snake of plastic

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Snake image, cobra snake, cobra snake pirture, cobra '1

Snake - Snake pictures, cobra, snake, ular, funny snake, big snake

Cobra snake picture, cobra snake image, most dagerous cobra snake'1

……….more snake poems——–>

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snake image, snake picture, most poisonous snake, most dangerous snake 1

snake, snakes, most poisonous snakes, most dangerous snake,0

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  1. scary!

  2. lol pretty cool
    but like a plastic toy snake cant usually slither towards you 🙂

  3. your poems are really good : ) i read a few to my daughter and she absolutely loved them. Her teacher reads her poems from a book called Poems for Children to Enjoy – And Teachers Too! by Eleanor McLeod. (you can find a copy of it in ebook form at you might like it….some of the poems in there remind me of these. keep writing! : )

  4. Imaginative, creative and your inflection while reading was absolutely superb! Let your folks see my poetry before you visit my site. Keep up the fabulous work.

    Peace and joy…The Mad Celt

  5. nice

  6. I love the way you project your voice. You are a very talented lady.
    Pattie from

  7. i like your poem…good one…

  8. hi snake

  9. Dear sir / madam

    i am a year 11 student and i would like to use youre picture of a cobra snake for my cida coursework plz could u reply within two days if not i will prezume copyright is free

    yourse fithfully

  10. wow

  11. I love snakes they are so cute ! My first favorite animal

  12. I want themhs snakes!! Beast mode, I love them. Think of the training.

  13. It’s going to be end of mine day, however before ending I am reading this enormous piece of writing to improve my experience.

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