The Unusual Creature by Milou

Podcast – The Unusual Creature

Once a great wizard who’d studied many books
Said, “There aren’t many animals with horrible looks”
So he imagined one up and wrote it all down
(The animal’s description would make anyone frown)
He wrote it down on a wrinkly sheet
And described the animal head to feet

I has yellow-stained teeth and green, slimy skin
And long, crooked horns and a horrid back fin
It has long, dainty claws and is terribly mean
It has fur on its head and is definitely – NOT CLEAN!

When the wizard had finished, he thought ’bout this creature
And said, “It exists, my mom has these features.”

The Unusual Creature



  1. hmm….monster is in the house?

  2. Vad du kan! Fantastiska rim, och du lyckas fint med rytmen också – monstret verkar härligt, fast man tycker ju synd om
    mamman som ser ut så!
    P.S. Vad heter monstret – ?

  3. Tack Mormor,

    The name of the “monster” is Mona-Lisa,
    because of her beautiful smile:-)


  4. oh wonderful! I really like how you read it aloud, it brings character, a lovely experience.

  5. Very creative 😛

  6. very nice–love it

  7. Oh I love it. That poem is awesome. 🙂

  8. I absolutly love that poem

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