A Poem For My Dad by Milou

The love for my father you find in my heart
I cannot describe him, I don’t know where to start

He is as funny as a chimpanzee
And a very good father for my sister and me

My dad loves the music of jazz, soul and blues
And he plays the harmonica, I think that he grooves

He works at home, he’s a household man
He’s a computer expert & soccer fan

I want to grow up to be him, you see,
(I hope they haven’t adopted me!)

(P.S. …girls can play soccer too… 8)

A (May) Fly’s Point of View by Milou

Once on a globe two flies crawled around

But when they for the fifth time met each other

The first one said, “The world is small sis’.”

The second said, “I agree with you brother.”

[watch – a (may) fly’s point of view]

Spellbound words – rhyming poem by Milou

Poems are spellbound words
The rhymes sound like twittering birds

Some are funny and some are strange
And when they’re done there is nothing to change

I love poetry and I always will
Even if I’d have to climb a hill

But the olden times poems are boring to me
I like funny stuff you see…

Miss “Spelled” – Witch Poem by Milou

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Podcast Miss “Spelled” – Witch and Halloween Poem by Milou

Once a witch who was terribly mean
Wanted to be a powerful queen
She kidnapped one, whom she brought to her home
A very bewitched and terrifying zone

Once the queen was finally caught
The witch put her in a gigantic pot
And all at once, she was chanting a spell
(I really hope she does it well):
“Blubbersquirt and wiggleplow
Turn this lady to a cow.
Since I have a very big wish
To eat her as a yummy dish.”

The witch fiddled with her fork and knife
And now she’ll have to eat grass for the rest of her life!