Halloween Poem – The Halloween School by Milou

Halloween is coming soon… and I will start a series with funny, spooky, scary Halloween poems, Halloween poetry and Halloween rhymes for kids. Have fun, Milou

Halloween podcast for kids
The Halloween School:

In my school there is a horrible teacher
Called Ms. Eliza Badfeature

She was crazy, cruel, bloodthirsty, and worse
Some kids say, “Upon her class lies the curse.”

One gloomy day in Badfeature’s class
She asked a girl called Amanda Brass

Amanda was admired across the school
But her brain was as mushy as cream-dripped-wool
halloween - halloween

So Badfeature asked her to define

(This word didn’t exist in actual life
But Badfeature tricked Amanda’s mashed brain pipes)

Since Amanda had no comprehension
She stayed in to find out in torture detention

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The Unhealthy Someone by Milou [free podcasts, podcasting for kids]

The Unhealthy Someone – free podcast, podcasting for kids

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I know someone who doesn’t brush his hair
To find him brush his teeth is also very rare
His nails are never ever cut
He always eats junk food, no matter what
He’s covered in mud, he admires dirt
(He doesn’t even wear a shirt!)
He’s covered with bugs, he has many fleas
And thousand other things you can’t even see
He is very furry and smells like a hog
But actually that is so, since he is my dog