The Haunted House – Halloween Poems by Milou

Halloween podcast for kids. Listen to funny poems for children. Free short Halloween poems, funny Halloween poems and Halloween Rhymes for kids.

The Haunted House:

halloween skelletonThe haunted house on Eagle Lane
Is scary enough to make you insane

halloween castle

The Haunted House

Most kids in town fear that house
No one goes near it, not even a mouse

halloween bat

Halloween bat

It’s called The Kingdom of Roaches and Ghouls
Or, The Home of all the Remaining Souls

They call it, The Hotel of Spiders and Bones
But I prefer to call it my home


  1. lovely 🙂

  2. add more poems please 😀 x

  3. I loved this poem. Keep them coming.

  4. beast my whole family loved it so did i.You are so talented!

  5. this is a cute poem!! <33 u kids keep writing

  6. This poem is really cool. MORE POEMS PLEASE!

  7. Yeah, more

  8. Passei para fazer-lhe uma visita e deixar um abraço Milou, sucesso!

  9. Wonderful poem Milou, Well done!

    I always use your rhymes and riddles for my Halloween party!
    Fantastic job! You are very talented!

    • Hi Elena,

      I am Happy that you like my Halloween poems, limericks and riddles and that you are using them for your Halloween party is even better. 🙂 You can easily play my audio recordings too. Kids can read my Halloween poems and listen to it, perhaps that is much more fun for them to “dig” poetry. That was my idea with the podcasts and audio recordings and sometimes videos, when I find some good ones that fit to the poem.
      Thanks again and Happy Halloween,

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