Santa’s Brother by Milou

Podcast: Listen to Santa’s Brother

Santa is sick for the holiday
So his brother will take his place
But Santa’s bro´ I must say
It’s really a plain disgrace

He lies still all day, and doesn’t move
He doesn’t even blink
Everything’s hard and nothing is smooth
Santa’s progress is going to sink!

Santa’s brother is really still
He seems to be very lazy
Oh, would you please listen, if you will:
Santa’s bro´ is pushing daisies


Santa’s Mistake – Christmas Poem by Milou

Podcast: Listen to Santa’s Mistake

reindeer-flat-funny-pictureSanta said:
I just ate some candy
That I found upon the floor
They did look very dandy
But their taste was like a rotten door

They tasted like mud and fungus
And like penguin meat
They tasted like thinks you find on a bus
Or like my grandpa’s smelly feet

In addition, the sweets were sandy
They really tasted crude…

Elf said:
That wasn’t even candy
Put your glasses back on dude!


Santa’s “Merry”Christmas Poem by Milou

santa-sleighI know that Santa was here

He came here with all of his gear

No gifts, no sweetsdrunk-santa

No tasteful treats

But he left his clothes and some beer