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How to write an “I AM” poem. “I Am” poem online template. “I Am” poem samples and templates.

Here you will find some resources,  samples and templates how to write “I Am Poems” and  “Who I Am poems”  for Languages Arts Grade 5-12. How do I write an “I am” or “Who I Am” poem.  Here are some samples:I am poems” samples and templates.  If you have no clue and need some help, here is a great free online template to create your own I Am-poem “I Am” Poem sample/template: How to write an “I am poem” template” . For teachers here are some resources: Who “I Am” Poem for teachers or “Who I Am Poems. Here is my “I Am” poem” I wrote for my Languages Arts class grade 6.

Deep Inside My Mind by Milou

I am Milou, and I just like to have fun and do my best
I am green like the outside world full of mystery and

I am an eagle, flying independently among the clouds,
visiting places around the world

I am a tree stretching high beyond reach,
meeting all my goals

I am the stars lighting the way for all the lost
I am a rock and just want to be myself, and no one can
destroy or change me

I am a lemon, a sour fruit sometimes, but still I made a
scrumptious lemonade

I am a eraser, sometimes smudged with dirt and mud,
but I continue completing my job

I am curious, always ready to know more and discover
the unknown

I Am

I Am

by XKCD – webcomic

Birthday Poems – Happy Birthday Poem by Milou

Happy Birthday Poems – Birthday Cake Poems – Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Kids

Happy birthday! My funny birthday party, I’ve got a birthday cake for my birthday and funny birthday cards too. A birthday cake poem  a happy birthday poem and a great birthday party, birthday presents and fun. Happy Birthday – today is my 11th. birthday, it’s true and I want to thank all my friends and family with a little funny Birthday Cake Poem. Love Milou:-)

happy birthday card - free animated happy birthday card

happy birthday card - free animated happy birthday card


July 09/2009
Once I ate a birthday cake with baking powder inside
And just one spoon of that powder, took me on quite some ride

I grew every second, just like a balloon
I thought if I exploded I would reach the moon
I was getting plumper, I actually was pretty fat
But worst of all, I think I must have mushed our dear old cat

Ms. Elmer had a glance at me and fell directly to the floor1happy_birthday_happy-birthday-ballons,01
Her husband tripped right over her and bumped into the door
As Mr. Troumer saw me I think he nearly fainted
At least he fell of his armchair while he sat and painted

happy-birthday,1_free_happy birthday_ greeting_card,01Later I exploded and my pieces where found everywhere
And anyone who saw me, got a really terrific scare
But I must say, I´ve learned something and this curious ride
Never eat a birthday cake with baking powder inside

happy birthday card - happy birthday

happy birthday card - happy birthday