Scary, spooky, mystery Halloween ghost stories & witch tales

Scary Halloween poems, poetry, mystery stories & tales.

During the next weeks I will post every day some goodies for Halloween! Stop by every day or subscribe to my RSS-reader and bookmark my page!! Please comment if you like it. :-). If you have a blog or web site you are welcome to link to my blog.

Today is DAY 1! My blog poetry4kids with Halloween design. Perhaps it will take a couple of days to arrange the new Halloween template. I will test in Firefox and IE8.  Enjoy Milou

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Here you will find some of my Halloween poems and podcasts.

The Haunted House
The Halloween School
Miss “Spelled”- Witch Poem

Listen to the very latest podcasts from the very Spooky Series by S.E. Schlosser! Stories are read aloud by the author.  Scary,  spooky stories and tales right for Halloween.

Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

© S.E. Schlosser 1997 – 2009

S.E. Schlosser  books

scary spooky Halloween books

scary spooky books for Halloween

About the Author
S. E. Schlosser has been telling stories since she was a child, when games of  “let’s pretend” quickly built themselves into full-length stories. A graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and Rutgers University, she also created and maintains the Web site, where she shares a wealth of stories from all fifty states.


spells_accident Read a free mystery story:

Spells Accident by Alistair Scott © Storyplus

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader(PDF) or Firefox reader to watch it


Funny Games …..30 days until Halloween.


No Name Game 1!


No Name Game 2!

Its the wackiest and most exciting maze game on the internet!

How do I play?
Click on the tiny red dot and guide it through the white part of the maze. Watch out for the moving objects. If you go off the path you will have to start all over from the beginning.

Have fun Milou


  1. how do you think of these poems and rimes? you rock!!!!!! how do you get a website this cool!!!!!!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thanks, at least one great comment 🙂 People are in a rush these days just hunting Halloween poems instead of reading and listening. I hope there are a least some more kids that like my poems. To start writing on a blog is not too difficult, just try! It is free on and on you can easily register your blog and start writing. You find a lot of useful information on the Internet here is a step by step video tutorial on YouTube – Just check it out. To write poems is another story, but my tip is just start with an easy limerick. You will find some limericks on my blog and a little tutorial here. If you are looking for some rhyming words go to (it,s free) just type a word and find rhymes…and you are on your way to write a limerick!

      Happy Halloween,

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