Halloween Night by Milou

[Day 5!]

new updated! with podcast…have fun, Milou


Halloween Night

In the middle of a Halloween night poor Collin awoke
He heard the hissing of a snake and then a cranky voice spoke
“Come with me human child, and join me in my plot.”
“All those creatures you despise, I’ll wipe away the lot!”
“Leave the torturing to me; I just need one thing from you,”
“If you complete this mission your mind can be part of my stew.”
“Cut up your sister’s body and eat her bloody heart,”
“Then I know you’re worthy and my mighty plot can start!”
On top of his blanket there was a knife inside a box
It sparkled in the moonlight as Collin put on his socks
He took the box and left his room and walked straight down the hall
Collin headed for his sister’s room, her door on the left hand wall
But when he reached her bedroom he didn’t stop nor linger
He just kept right on walking, he didn’t move a finger
But when he reached the end of the hall and lifted the window’s frame
He threw the box into the neighbor’s yard and said all this spook was a shame
He kicked the creepy witch out not forgetting the snake
Then he went back to bed and decided to take a break………..chain-skulls

Today you can listen again to two new stories of S.E. Schlosser.
See you tomorrow, Milou

Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and AmericanFolklore.net. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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