Hi I am Milou,
I am a Swedish/German student). I live now since February 2009 in Santiago de Chile before I was 2 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love writing, reading and music. I speak English and Spanish too and my hobbies are: Internet, sports and writing funny poems for kids and blogging. You can check out my other blogs. If you are interested in the environment you can check out the Earth Day Network I have my Earth Day project on: http://worldpoetryday.blogspot.com if you are an artist you can post a submission and I will publish it on my blog.8)
I have another blog with funny animal poems: http://poetry-kids.blogspot.com and I started writing haiku poems for kids: http://haiku4kids.blogspot.com Other things I like are: swimming, fishing, animals, nature, collecting minerals, taking pictures and arts & crafts.
I am obliviously a David Cook fan and I like Joss Stone and K.T. Tunstall.
If you want to write to me: milou2049[at]gmail.com
Have a great day,

P.S. If you have a great blog or web site I like to exchange links -:)

If you want to link to my blog, please copy and past this code in your site:

<a href=”https://poetry4kids.wordpress.com”>Poetry4Kids- funny poems for kids </a>


<a href=”https://poetry4kids.wordpress.com”>

<img src=”https://poetry4kids.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/1-poetry4kids.gif”></a>

It will look like this Poetry 4 Kids


  1. Hey Vivi told me about your web and it is pretty cooool

  2. hey thanks for the comment on my poem =)
    your poems are so cute. i’ve being trying to write more lately, but i’ve been really busy with school and whatnot. just stopping by to say thanks.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks ‘perfect’ for stopping by. It’s the same with me… I’ve been really busy with school and stuff. I hope to find more time to write and read.

    CU around,

  4. Good Luck ;),, u got nice name 🙂

  5. Hey milou! Thanks for adding me in blogcatalog..

    juz wundrin’ what’s your nationality?

  6. Hi Webster,

    I have both Swedish and German. I am born in Sweden but my dad is German.

    Ciao, Milou

  7. Milou, I love your site. And I love your poems. It keeps the child in me alive, not that I’m so old to be saying so but still…well, I loved reading through. Keep writing. I’ll be dropping by whenever I can (let’s say on a daily basis).

  8. Hello, Great site here. I love the POETRYKIDS graphic. Is that your new site? Looks great


  9. saludos, milou

    i´d like to feature 3-4 of your poems on my veryheaven, would you like that?

    wie geht es dir in buenos aires? kommst du gut klar mit allen sprachen? dein englisch ist wahnsinnig gut. ich träume manchmal auf english, und manches gedicht oder manchen artikel kann ich gar nicht auf deutsch schreiben, weil er sich einfach “english anfühlt” verstehst du, was ich meine?

    herzliche grüße aus dem sonnigen düsseldorf 🙂

  10. Hey Milou,
    This is just to say that I’ve recently updated my blog and would love if you’d check it out and let me know what you think! I know I need to be more regular and am working on that! Thanks for stopping by the last time to say you liked it!!

    (alias Maya)


  11. Hey Milou,
    Thanks for stopping by. I have added your site to my blogroll.


  12. wow.. nice blog + posting
    best regard

  13. Hey, I am I love your blog. It is a very fun, clever and smart approach to children’s literature. Very appealing for all ages.


  14. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by 🙂

    Have a great day,

  15. thank you for the site and please keep up the good work

  16. Hi Milou,

    Would you consider linking to my new website http://www.ps4k.com

    Of course I’ll add your link to my site too.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Mark,

      I added you in my link list, please link back to me. I like to link to other poetry sites:-) Just ask me.

      Have a great day,

  17. Hi Milou,

    Thanks for the link – I’ll add yours right now.


  18. http://www.ps4k.com/links.html

    I’ve added you Milou.

    Good luck,


  19. Hi Milou,

    I’ve updated and moved domains from beyondlanguage.wordpress.com to

    (Nihilistic Poetry)

    I’ve keep your link. Could you update me on your blogroll?

    Thanks dear,


    • Hi Paplo,

      Sorry for the late reply:-) I was very busy in school. You are updated now.
      You have a great blog now…I like the picture with the road. I will stop by reading you blog when I have more time.

      Be happy,

  20. Hi Milou I added your link.
    Could you update me on your blogroll?

    Thank you

  21. hi milou. very good site and poems. definitely strikes the right notes for halloween. fun to read.

  22. I love your poem “The Snake”. I teach first grade in the US and I can’t wait to share it with my students!

  23. Hey Milou, I really like your blog! I have a poetry blog myself! If you want to check it out, it’s:
    Thanks, it’s awesome we kids can be so creative!
    Elena Grace

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