The best poetry blogs for kids

The best poetry blogs for kids

Check out my favorite poetry and poems blogs for kids . If you like Haiku poetry or Haiku poems look at Haiku4kids. perhaps here is something for you. Listen to a poetry podcast for children.

Haiku for kids

Haiku is a short poem with three lines of  5, 7 and 5 syllables. The first Haiku poem  appeared in Japan 700 years ago. You can write Haiku poetry in Japanese, English and other Western languages.  Haiku are very short poems (three lines) and therefor it is important to create an images in a very few words.  You often use a dash or an ellipsis to indicate the break or cut between lines.
Worldpoetry Day

World Poetry Day is on 21 March, and was declared by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999. I like the blog Worldpoetry Day, the purpose of the day is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world.

Poems4children – funny poems about animals

There are many funny poems about animals.Here is a funny blog for children about animal’s poems. Poems4Children has poems about animals like penguins, bats, birds and elephants. skeleton-neon

Halloween poems count down for kids

Halloween is coming soon here is my 30 day Halloween Poetry Countdown starting October 1th.

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Funny animal poems for kids

Funny animal poems for kids

If you like funny animal poems ………check out my blog with animal poems for kids

funny animal poems for kids

Poetry For Kids – “poetry for(4) kids”, short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Poetry For Kids – “poetry for(4) kids”, short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Short funny poems for kids, funny poems for kids grade 1-12, funny poetry for children, funny poetry for kids all ages.

Poetry4Kids collected the most popular websites:  funny poetry for kids – short funny poems for kids and poetry blogs for children and teens of all ages on the net. Funny poetry for kids and funny poems for children is an online directory with the most visited and very popular websites and poems pages for kids on, Alexa, Google and Yahoo. The best poems and poetry websites and blogs for kids in the Top 50 – Top 100.

poetry 4 kids - funny poetry for kids

poetry4kids - funny poems & poetry sites for kids

This kids’ poetry website and blog directory is in no order and it is not complete, so if you have any suggestions please write to me and I will add the site or blog. Thanks, Milou🙂

The Monkey Bread Creature


Once I saw an animal
It looked very curious indeed
The creature looked phenomenal
I’ve never seen such a breed

With the ears of a bunny
A rat’s tail and a cat´s head
The thing looked really very funny
I think he ate too much Monkey Bread

This creature is different, as you see
I’ve never seen it before
Except for maybe, possibly
As the mailman knocked on our door


Dinner? Halloween Poems by Milou

Free poetry podcast for kids: Dinner?
..another little Halloween poem in my Halloween series with funny, spooky, scary Halloween poems, Halloween poetry and Halloween rhymes for children

Dear Ms. Spider….

I cannot come and dine tonight
You see, I don’t have very good sight
Along with that I cannot choose
Which shoes and clothes that I should use
That’s not all, I have a cold
And all my bones feel cranky and old

So you see it’s not the day
Why don’t we dine on Saturday?

Sincerely replied,
The Fly

The Unhealthy Someone by Milou [free podcasts, podcasting for kids]

The Unhealthy Someone – free podcast, podcasting for kids

Funny podcasts and podcasting for kids by kids. Listen to free audio podcasts for children. Kids podcasts and videos about stories, poetry and funny poems.

I know someone who doesn’t brush his hair
To find him brush his teeth is also very rare
His nails are never ever cut
He always eats junk food, no matter what
He’s covered in mud, he admires dirt
(He doesn’t even wear a shirt!)
He’s covered with bugs, he has many fleas
And thousand other things you can’t even see
He is very furry and smells like a hog
But actually that is so, since he is my dog