Poetry For Kids – “poetry for(4) kids”, short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Poetry For Kids – “poetry for(4) kids”, short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Short funny poems for kids, funny poems for kids grade 1-12, funny poetry for children, funny poetry for kids all ages.

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Birthday Poems – Happy Birthday Poem by Milou

Happy Birthday Poems – Birthday Cake Poems – Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Kids

Happy birthday! My funny birthday party, I’ve got a birthday cake for my birthday and funny birthday cards too. A birthday cake poem  a happy birthday poem and a great birthday party, birthday presents and fun. Happy Birthday – today is my 11th. birthday, it’s true and I want to thank all my friends and family with a little funny Birthday Cake Poem. Love Milou:-)

happy birthday card - free animated happy birthday card

happy birthday card - free animated happy birthday card


July 09/2009
Once I ate a birthday cake with baking powder inside
And just one spoon of that powder, took me on quite some ride

I grew every second, just like a balloon
I thought if I exploded I would reach the moon
I was getting plumper, I actually was pretty fat
But worst of all, I think I must have mushed our dear old cat

Ms. Elmer had a glance at me and fell directly to the floor1happy_birthday_happy-birthday-ballons,01
Her husband tripped right over her and bumped into the door
As Mr. Troumer saw me I think he nearly fainted
At least he fell of his armchair while he sat and painted

happy-birthday,1_free_happy birthday_ greeting_card,01Later I exploded and my pieces where found everywhere
And anyone who saw me, got a really terrific scare
But I must say, I´ve learned something and this curious ride
Never eat a birthday cake with baking powder inside

happy birthday card - happy birthday

happy birthday card - happy birthday

A Poem For My Dad by Milou

The love for my father you find in my heart
I cannot describe him, I don’t know where to start

He is as funny as a chimpanzee
And a very good father for my sister and me

My dad loves the music of jazz, soul and blues
And he plays the harmonica, I think that he grooves

He works at home, he’s a household man
He’s a computer expert & soccer fan

I want to grow up to be him, you see,
(I hope they haven’t adopted me!)

(P.S. …girls can play soccer too… 8)

Happy Birthday

A bird was flying past a prairie
When he spotted a little berry

This bird loves berries very much
He would try to get it with some luck

But a dog spotted it too
And his greed for a berry grew

When the bird saw the dog and the dog the bird
They made growls and groans that have been never heard

Suddenly they both start a fight
Behind a tree I was watching the sight

While they were fighting I took the chance
(And this was really a big advance)

I took the berry and gave it to
The person that I love

which is ……you!