Mother’s Day Poems & Crafts

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Books I Like – Book Review Roald Dahl
3. Browsing The Web – Search Help for Kids & Parents
4. Free Stuff for Kids – Free Rhyming & Dictionary Program
5. Mother’s Day Poems & Mother’s Day Poetry -Milou’s Surftips for Mother’s Day
#1 Introduction – Newsletter May, 2008

About Milou Dear Readers,

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Dear readers

My first newsletter was quiet successful and I got really good responses. Here is number two the Mother’s Day Poetry and Poems Newsletter. I hope you will find it as interesting as the first one. If you are interested in poetry, poems and children’s literature, do you want to get updates about interesting children writers, book reviews and “surf tips” for kids.
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Ciao and have fun,
Happy Mother’s Day Milou
“Poetry for kids”

#2. Books I like

Milou’s other book reviews: Books by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl Vile Verses

Vile Verse (2005) is a humorous book of poetry by Roald Dahl. He is best remembered as the author of many well-loved children’s stories. But he was also the creator of some astonishingly imaginative and wonderfully disgusting verses. This book is an extraordinary collection with Dahl’s poems, verses, and songs. It is filled with almost all poems he wrote during his career and even some from child hood!

Vile Verses has made me laugh a lot, but still be aware of disgustingly-funny rhymes. (But most of them are not so disgusting, they are mostly funny).

The full-color original illustrations from a well-established group of more than twenty artists like Quentin Blake, R. Dahl’s principal illustrator make this book very special and exiting. I LOVE Vile Verses and I will always love it, and I hope you will also enjoy it too.

Milou's book shelf - free book reviews

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#3. Browsing the Web

For school and as well at home, I need a lot of information. For my homework I need sometimes a good dictionary for definitions and spelling words. For math I want to find some good examples. I like to read about animals, science, my hobby minerals and other stuff. Here are a useful list of services for kids I use regularly. Have fun:-) Milou
FREE — Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Ask Jeeves For Kids


Education World

Fact Monster

Family Source

FirstGov for Kids

Kids Search Tools

Looksmart’s Kids Directory
Awesome Library

Tips for parents on enabling filters for major search engines:

AllTheWeb: Use the Basic Settings page.

AltaVista: Use the Family Filter Setup page.

AOL Search: Parental Controls

Ask Jeeves: Use options for Content Filtering

Google: See the SafeSearch help page for instructions

HotBot: Use the Filter Preferences page.

LookSmart: LookSmart has never accepted adult content

Lycos: Use the Filter section of the Advanced Search Filters page.

MSN Search: Use the Safe Search Filter on the Settings page.

Teoma: Teoma doesn’t appear to offer a filter.

Yahoo: Use the Filter option via the Search Preferences page.

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Mother’s Day Activities for Kids!

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Here is a collection of mother’s day activities for kids.

Free Top 10 Mother’s Day Crafts Pages
A great collection of mother’s day crafts pages

Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day Gift Crafts

Mother’s Day Print Out – Make Checks for Mom – Flower Crafts

Mother’s Day Kaboose

Mother’s Day Songs

Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

Make Stuff Different Crafts and Projects

Mother’s Day Crafts for Little Kids

Mother’s Day Crafts for Big Kids and Adults

Mother’s Day Games and Activities

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

A nice collection of coloring pages for printing

Alphabet-Soup Pages

Cartooncritters Mother’s Day Pictures – Great Collection

Coloring Castle Mother’s Day Pages

DLTK Coloring Pages for Mother’s Day

Jan Brett Coloring Pages

Kidsturn Central Coloring Pictures

Kookerkids Mother’s Day Pictures

Preschool Coloring Pages Collection

Special Heart for Mother’s Day PDF-Format

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#4. Free Stuff for Kids

Do you like to write poems or songs? I found a really great freeware program. Verse Perfect is a free program for aspiring poets, songwriter, bloggers, teachers, students and copywriters. It is easy to use You can download the program here: McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme It is easy to install you can even run it on a portable USB jump drive so it’s perfect for students.

Application Features

  • Designed for Portability / Thumb Drives
  • Has No Impact on System
  • Requires no heavy database engines to be installed
  • Does not harm Windows Performance
  • Contains no hidden Spy Ware!
  • Compatibility with Windows
  • Is 100% FREE with no nags

McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme

Free Online Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

If you want instead use free online recourses here are some use full links.

Rhyme Zone


Write Express

Write Express

Langenberg Dictionary -- Word Definitions

Langenberg You can use Langenberg for Word Definitions Rhyming – Crossword -Scrabble – Quotations & Cliches – Anagram – Computing – Law – Synonyms – Antonyms – Related – Spelled Similarly – Similar Sounding – Substring – In Definition of – Connections – Intersection and more

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#5. Milou’s Surf Tips

Mother’s Day Poems, Greetings and Rhymes

Mother’s Day Poems for Kids

Mother’s Day Poems by Joanna Fuchs

Free Mother’s Day Poems

Poems and Rhymes for Kids

Mother’s Day Greetings Page

Happy Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day Poems and Poetry

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Here you will find my April Newsletter


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