Halloween poem for children

[Day 25]

NEW! udpated with audio
Collection of  funny spooky Halloween poems and rhymes for children. All poems on this blog are written by me, Milou. I am a 11 years old student writing poetry 4 kids. I hope you enjoy my Halloween poems and poetry for children and my poetry podcasts and audio for kids. If you have a blog or a website and like poetry4kids,  please link to my blog. 🙂 Thanks, Milou
Today’s Halloween poem for children is another limerick and I will post more Halloween poems the next days.  Have fun 🙂


The Nearly Ghost

I see a glowing lightfacemon2
The room is growing bright

A pure white thing
Flies without wing

It’s my brother’s lovely new kitewindowghost

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Spring is here! – Spring poem by Milou

Poor old winter has gone to the ground
He froze all ears till no one heard a sound
He tortured us with his chilly breeze
He laughed at us for every sneeze

But now in his replacement comes
With singing birds, flowers, and sun
A nice and jolly little fellow
Who’d been waiting in a borrow
Till old winter would wither and die
Just like the flowers that he’d bring by

And now everyone shouts hooray
‘Cause Spring has just arrived today!