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I know someone who doesn’t brush his hair
To find him brush his teeth is also very rare
His nails are never ever cut
He always eats junk food, no matter what
He’s covered in mud, he admires dirt
(He doesn’t even wear a shirt!)
He’s covered with bugs, he has many fleas
And thousand other things you can’t even see
He is very furry and smells like a hog
But actually that is so, since he is my dog

A Dog

A dog was walking down the street
Who was looking for some meat

He was a very hungry fellow
And now he was about to bellow

Right then before he barked away
He smelled something a block away

He ran right after the wonderful smell
Smell of roasted beef and caramel

And when he came to the right place
He thought: Oh hammer harmful grace!!!

Cause where he stood was a butcher shop
And of course the door was locked