Halloween limerick – The Witch from Beijing

[Day 13] NEW! updated with audio

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Today you can read another of my Halloween limericks. I will post a couple of limericks and riddles the next days. Please comment and if you have a great Halloween limerick or riddle – I like to hear from you. 🙂 What is limerick poetry? Check out my limerick guide “how to write limericks” with some limericks examples on [Day 12] yesterday. See you tomorrow, Milou

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Halloween Spelling Witch

Halloween Spelling Witch

The Witch from Beijing by Milou

There was once a witch from Beijing
Who scared the pants off every person and thing
When she entered a room
They’re all out in a zoom
But only when the witch would sing


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The Haunted House – Halloween Poems by Milou

Halloween podcast for kids. Listen to funny poems for children. Free short Halloween poems, funny Halloween poems and Halloween Rhymes for kids.

The Haunted House:

halloween skelletonThe haunted house on Eagle Lane
Is scary enough to make you insane

halloween castle

The Haunted House

Most kids in town fear that house
No one goes near it, not even a mouse

halloween bat

Halloween bat

It’s called The Kingdom of Roaches and Ghouls
Or, The Home of all the Remaining Souls

They call it, The Hotel of Spiders and Bones
But I prefer to call it my home

Miss “Spelled” – Witch Poem by Milou

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Podcast Miss “Spelled” – Witch and Halloween Poem by Milou

Once a witch who was terribly mean
Wanted to be a powerful queen
She kidnapped one, whom she brought to her home
A very bewitched and terrifying zone

Once the queen was finally caught
The witch put her in a gigantic pot
And all at once, she was chanting a spell
(I really hope she does it well):
“Blubbersquirt and wiggleplow
Turn this lady to a cow.
Since I have a very big wish
To eat her as a yummy dish.”

The witch fiddled with her fork and knife
And now she’ll have to eat grass for the rest of her life!