The Monkey Bread Creature


Once I saw an animal
It looked very curious indeed
The creature looked phenomenal
I’ve never seen such a breed

With the ears of a bunny
A rat’s tail and a cat´s head
The thing looked really very funny
I think he ate too much Monkey Bread

This creature is different, as you see
I’ve never seen it before
Except for maybe, possibly
As the mailman knocked on our door


Clean Up Poem – A Messy Day by Milou

funny teenager cartoons

more funny teenager cartoons

I didn’t wash the dishes
I didn’t make my bed
And as for the hamsters
I don’t think they were fed

I didn’t do my paper work
I ate chips and watched TV
The living room is such a mess
It even petrifies me

I feel so very sloppy
I don’t know what to say
I hope my children don’t find out
What I have done today

A (May) Fly’s Point of View by Milou

Once on a globe two flies crawled around

But when they for the fifth time met each other

The first one said, “The world is small sis’.”

The second said, “I agree with you brother.”

[watch – a (may) fly’s point of view]

Spellbound words – rhyming poem by Milou

Poems are spellbound words
The rhymes sound like twittering birds

Some are funny and some are strange
And when they’re done there is nothing to change

I love poetry and I always will
Even if I’d have to climb a hill

But the olden times poems are boring to me
I like funny stuff you see…

The Unusual Creature by Milou

Podcast – The Unusual Creature

Once a great wizard who’d studied many books
Said, “There aren’t many animals with horrible looks”
So he imagined one up and wrote it all down
(The animal’s description would make anyone frown)
He wrote it down on a wrinkly sheet
And described the animal head to feet

I has yellow-stained teeth and green, slimy skin
And long, crooked horns and a horrid back fin
It has long, dainty claws and is terribly mean
It has fur on its head and is definitely – NOT CLEAN!

When the wizard had finished, he thought ’bout this creature
And said, “It exists, my mom has these features.”

The Unusual Creature