My Friend’s Collection by Milou

My friend once had a collection
Of healthy food and drinks
And there used to be a section
Called: The Vegetable Things
He showed me all these treasures
Explained each food and their names
I ate it all with pleasure
And he got angry just the same

I had no toleration
I was hungry as a bear
For my tummy it was a sensation
And his mummy didn’t care

Next day I didn’t leave the bathroom
I fought Montezuma’s revenge
It was a terrible gloom
There was also a horrible stench

The moral of this story
Is – do never eat bad food
You’ll end up praying for a glory
Diarrhea is what you get being rude

featuring: Vegetables Star Wars


I live in an Icy place

Look like a butler from Elisabeth her grace

I swim and slide I march and glide

When I walk I leave a duck feet trace

What am I?

What Am I?

Swimming, slipping, sliding,
What am I describing?
A little bird
Of whom you’ve heard
Who also loves fish and diving