Friendship poems – a short friendship poem by Milou

friendship poems

friendship poems

You are a far away star
Far away from me
Oh, you are so very far
Far away from me

We may be far, far apart
But we are together in some way
We are united by soul and heart
I might see you again some day

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A Poem For My Dad by Milou

The love for my father you find in my heart
I cannot describe him, I don’t know where to start

He is as funny as a chimpanzee
And a very good father for my sister and me

My dad loves the music of jazz, soul and blues
And he plays the harmonica, I think that he grooves

He works at home, he’s a household man
He’s a computer expert & soccer fan

I want to grow up to be him, you see,
(I hope they haven’t adopted me!)

(P.S. …girls can play soccer too… 8)

Spring is here! – Spring poem by Milou

Poor old winter has gone to the ground
He froze all ears till no one heard a sound
He tortured us with his chilly breeze
He laughed at us for every sneeze

But now in his replacement comes
With singing birds, flowers, and sun
A nice and jolly little fellow
Who’d been waiting in a borrow
Till old winter would wither and die
Just like the flowers that he’d bring by

And now everyone shouts hooray
‘Cause Spring has just arrived today!