Down with math

What’s the quotient of 14 through seven?
Or the answer of 20 times 11?
Many are unable to figure such out
From every country round about

I say it’s unfair and totally unkind
To be so extremely mean and grind
Of forcing us to reuse and retell
Research, retrain, and even respell

Everything in math we learn
So listen folks, now it’s my turn
I say we unplug our math senses and skills
And return them all to a far away hill

Where we found these powers of head aches and stresses
So now I believe that everyone confesses
That math CAN be pretty stressing and boring
And that you’d rather hear lions roaring

But we all disagree on one little thing
On that math can help us in everything
I do confess that math is useful
But only for those that are good in school…