Dinner? Halloween Poems by Milou

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..another little Halloween poem in my Halloween series with funny, spooky, scary Halloween poems, Halloween poetry and Halloween rhymes for children

Dear Ms. Spider….

I cannot come and dine tonight
You see, I don’t have very good sight
Along with that I cannot choose
Which shoes and clothes that I should use
That’s not all, I have a cold
And all my bones feel cranky and old

So you see it’s not the day
Why don’t we dine on Saturday?

Sincerely replied,
The Fly

A (May) Fly’s Point of View by Milou

Once on a globe two flies crawled around

But when they for the fifth time met each other

The first one said, “The world is small sis’.”

The second said, “I agree with you brother.”

[watch – a (may) fly’s point of view]