The Snake by Milou

I made some poetry podcasts – for kids. Listen to my poem “the snake”.  Check out my other poems and podcast as well. I like your feedback.:-) Thanks, Milou

Podcast The Snake :

Its scales reflect the evilness
Black, empty eyes do not confess
Its hiss is ironing my foot
I can’t move, I stuck, like a root
This snake that I’m describing now
Is slithering to me, and makes me frown
This time I know it, my death is near
And down my spine go goose bumps of fear
But when I look a bit closer at it
I note, it’s actually a snake of plastic

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I have got a boa
Who’s name is Annemarie
I found her, lying down
On a plain old prairie!

She is tame and very quiet
And doesn’t even bite!
I think she’ll need to go on diet,
For she’s a tremendous sight!

Even though, she is so cool
She also has her bad sides
She sometimes is a bit of a fool
AND goes wild on rides

And one of the worst parts
(She might do it to you)
I swear it true
I cross my heart
She squeezes you to glue!