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The Headless Girl by Milou


Deep inside the forest of gloom
The trees press on each other, there’s barely room

Below a fir tree with just enough space
A creature of terror starts a chase

Harry left home as the sun went down
He got lost as the last rays of sun had drowned

At exactly midnight Harry screams
Then there’s a silence and the moon melts like cream
A five year old girl is seen in the night
Her hands are red, and her head is not in sight

She pulls down her nightgown and cleans her hands
And then for a while, she does nothing but stand

Harry comes out and goes back to his house
He says to the girl, “You old grouse!”

After that moment she thinks in her head,
“Harry you should have stayed in bed.”

The Haunted House – Halloween Poems by Milou

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The Haunted House:

halloween skelletonThe haunted house on Eagle Lane
Is scary enough to make you insane

halloween castle

The Haunted House

Most kids in town fear that house
No one goes near it, not even a mouse

halloween bat

Halloween bat

It’s called The Kingdom of Roaches and Ghouls
Or, The Home of all the Remaining Souls

They call it, The Hotel of Spiders and Bones
But I prefer to call it my home

Dinner? Halloween Poems by Milou

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..another little Halloween poem in my Halloween series with funny, spooky, scary Halloween poems, Halloween poetry and Halloween rhymes for children

Dear Ms. Spider….

I cannot come and dine tonight
You see, I don’t have very good sight
Along with that I cannot choose
Which shoes and clothes that I should use
That’s not all, I have a cold
And all my bones feel cranky and old

So you see it’s not the day
Why don’t we dine on Saturday?

Sincerely replied,
The Fly