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[Day 28]

Halloween Stories

Labels: Scary, spooky,  creepy mystery stories for Halloween. Halloween  stories for kids,  scary spooky Halloween stories and tales, poetry and poems for children all ages. Halloween riddles and limericks; all poetry on this blog is written by me Milou. I am a 11 year old student and like poetry and stories. If you like my poems and stories please link to my blog 🙂 – OK, now we are close to the finish line but not quite yet.

Today I present again a funny spooky scary rhyming Halloween story. Have fun, see you around, Milou


At School on a Halloween Night by Milou

It now had grown dark at Gembery School
And poor, lonely Jason now felt like a fool

He’d spent all afternoon reading his book
But he never realized that they’d kidnapped the cook
Detectives and cops checked all around
They search in all corners but nothing was found
Not even poor Jason was seen where he was
Nor had our Jason cared ‘bout this fuzz

By now it was midnight, on Halloween Night!
Jason was whimpering, and dying of fright
Suddenly he heard a noise which came from down the hall
Then Jason saw a bloody sign painted on the wall,
“You shall die human child, for now you’re in our home,”
“And none of your behavior will we ghosts condone,”
“For every failure that you make, you crawl towards your doom,”
“But don’t worry young human, we’ve got plenty of room.”

Jason ran as fast as he could and broke through all locked doors
If he’d been competing in a race, he’d have gotten the highest scores
When finally he reached his home he did nothing but go to bed
That next morning his mother found her son completely dead

Jason sat straight up in bed and let out a terrific scream
But then he realized it all had been a very terrible dream


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