The Skeleton – Halloween poems for kids

[Day 6]

Today an new Halloween poem and podcast!

See you tomorrow, Milou


The Skeleton by Milou

It is midnight at the grave yard and everyone’s asleep
Humans, dogs, cats, and mice, even crawly creeps

But someone is still not sleeping, their eyes are wide awake
For some weird reason they can’t lie down, not even take a break

He opens up his bedroom door, and crawls out throw the mess
Leaving the room slumbering, tottering, and not bothering at all to dress

When he finally left his house he goes out through his own fence
He coughed lightly and gasped for breath because the air was dense

He walks out through the graveyard, leaving his grave behind
The skeleton walked on and on, as his creaky, shattered bones grind

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Halloween Poem – The Halloween School by Milou

Halloween is coming soon… and I will start a series with funny, spooky, scary Halloween poems, Halloween poetry and Halloween rhymes for kids. Have fun, Milou

Halloween podcast for kids
The Halloween School:

In my school there is a horrible teacher
Called Ms. Eliza Badfeature

She was crazy, cruel, bloodthirsty, and worse
Some kids say, “Upon her class lies the curse.”

One gloomy day in Badfeature’s class
She asked a girl called Amanda Brass

Amanda was admired across the school
But her brain was as mushy as cream-dripped-wool
halloween - halloween

So Badfeature asked her to define

(This word didn’t exist in actual life
But Badfeature tricked Amanda’s mashed brain pipes)

Since Amanda had no comprehension
She stayed in to find out in torture detention

scary spooky halloween skull, funny halloween  poems, spooky halloween scary halloween pumpkin