Halloween Witch Poem

[Day 16]

Halloween witch poem. Today another funny Halloween poem with audio. Enjoy, Milou

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Dear Ms. Witch by Milou

I wouldn’t mind to come and dine
But there is something wrong inside my spinemouthwitch
I can’t run nor walk
I can barely talk
When I find my poor spine, I’ll be fine

Thanks a Ton
The Skeleton

And again listen to one of the great stories by S.E. Schlosser. Check out the other stories on my Halloween countdown [Day 1 to Day 16]. Click on HOME to see all posts for Halloween or click on categories for navigation on the right. See you tomorrow, Milou 🙂

Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and AmericanFolklore.net. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

© S.E. Schlosser 1997 – 2009

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