Easter Hunt Riddle


What I am)

Yellow, orange, blue

Inside it feels like glue

Its round like a ball

It is usually small

On Easter day you’ll get a clue


  1. hmmmnnn….more clue?

  2. Cute! An easter egg.

  3. I read through some of your poems and they are so good! I love poetry and there isn’t enough of it in kids’ lives. I teach high school and make copies of a poem each day and pass them out to the kids and then read it to them. They end up looking forward to them!

  4. exelente
    eso is asu
    en quentra
    del rosa

  5. That’s so sweet of you!
    But I think I need some more clue….
    Or maybe it’s an Easter egg for you1

    Nice one! Are your exams over?

  6. Hi Milou, been meaning to come by and say hello ever since you dropped by my space…you write beautifully. Keep it coming.

  7. Ah! This one is so much fun! I love it.

  8. Wow, that was so cute… IS it an easter egg???? 🙂

  9. really cute poem.. and a great video!!!

  10. I saw a comment you made on another blogger’s website, and your name poetry4kids caught my eye. Nice to meet you. 🙂 I’ve read through some of your poetry – lots of fun! My children got a kick out of the You Tube clip. 🙂

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