Funny Christmas Poems for Kids

Funny Christmas Poems for Kids

Today I post another Christmas poem or winter poem for Children called Christmas Ice. I wrote some funny Christmas poems for children and Xmas poems for kids. Merry Christmas and white Christmas is what I am looking for when i go back to Sweden for my Christmas holidays next week. We will have a “real” Christmas tree this time I hate plastic trees but what can you do – it is summer here. It is very difficult to get a real “Christmas feeling” if you are from Scandinavia, I can tell. 🙂

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elch animation

Christmas Ice by MILOU

It’s freezing cold outside my home
And only snowflakes wildly roam
That icy ice
Looks really nice
Oh God! I’m stuck! Ma mouf filthd wif foam!


  1. I love your poem Very funny You’ve got a beautiful voice as well Have a happy christmas

    • Hi Marja,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Merry Christmas to you too,
      Milou 🙂

  2. A
    Little star
    Burned bright
    Full of glowing light
    Spreading joy to the night
    Christmas time!
    A time that fills us with desire
    And slowly sets our hearts on fire
    We pray, we love and listen to the choir
    A jolly Christmas time

  3. I never know what to write in my X-mas cards to the Family but now I have got enough good ideas.
    Thankyou for the great Post.

  4. I am so much enjoy reading your funny poem for Christmas very effective. Love it….

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